Fat Kid Rules Variety

Posted on Apr 4, 2012

I’m very excited to share the review that Fat Kid Rules the World got in Variety┬áthis week. It is so awesome to see the vastly positive response that the film has gotten from audiences, media and reviewers. It also doesn’t hurt to get a little personal shout out from the trades:

“Pic boasts fine production values on a budget, including Noah M. Rosenthal’s sharp lensing of Seattle locations.”

It was a real privilege to shoot in Seattle over the summer. I had such a blast. Got to shut down streets. Light up buildings downtown at night. And lets not forget all the fantastic places to eat, drink and be merry. It is why I love location shooting. You get to visit a new city and see a lot of its high points in the short time you are there. Plus, when you have time to go back and visit or are lucky enough to shoot in that same place again – you get to see all the wonderful people you met and worked with the last time. I hope that I’m lucky enough to continue exploring new and exciting places while I’m shooting. Where will the next movie be???