Peal Snap Discount Interviews

Posted on Apr 11, 2012


When the second feature that I shot (“Occupied”) screened at The Lone Star International Film Festival, director Mollie Binkley did an interview with Gadi Elkon with the Dallas based entertainment BLOG Pearl Snap Discount. He was very responsive to my work in the film, especially the Lens Baby stuff, so when he found out that “Fat Kid Rules the World” was premiering in his home state at SXSW, he reached out to do an interview with me.  It was a really great opportunity to discuss all of the projects that I have been involved with and my own career path as it has been shaping up.  It is a two part interview – a written interview done before SXSW and an audio interview after I got back:

Written Interview: Looking Through the Lens with Cinematographer Noah Rosenthal

Audio Interview: Exclusive Interview with Cinematographer Noah Rosenthal