Stitch X Stitch

Posted on Sep 12, 2012

Here is my first foray into Stop Motion! This is a viral ad that I did with Director Evan Rudin. He is also an LA local, with lots of friends and family in common, so it was a real treat to do a small spot with a group of LA Natives for a local LA jeans company – Paige Premium Denim! The video was featured on the GQ Style page (

The shoot was a 2 day ordeal where we were in the conference room of Paige Denim with our White Cyc set-up and a Canon 5D connected to my laptop running DragonFrame software. We started with different pieces of jeans and literally took them apart stitch by stitch so that we could then play them in reverse to create the illusion of the jeans coming together. Talk about a laborious process! The biggest challenge was trying to keep the fabric on the edge of the stitching as still as possible so that the jeans wouldn’t be wiggling all over the place in a distracting way. I think it came together very nicely. Final color was done at Prehistoric Digital.