Posted on Oct 14, 2015

7 Minutes

A non-linear fractured action heist film with a cameo by the great Kris Kristofferson and a group of wonderfully talented young actors. I’m excited that this movie is finally out in the world. We worked very hard to layer the movie visually as it moves back and forth through time and perspective, getting the most out of the budget to make something that I think really complements the story and shows real strong production value. It was great to work in Washington again with the super talented Northwest crew, and a absolute pleasure to finish the movie with Kevin Cannon at Prehistoric Digital for yet another color collaboration.

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7 MINUTES “displays a strong visual flair – director of photography Noah M. Rosenthal beautifully captures the desolate small-town settings…gripping from start to finish.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Stylish and intriguingly told…moving apace with solid atmospherics.” – LA Times

“The cinematography by Noah Rosenthal is impressive and the film is edited well [by Kayla Emter], portraying a disjointed, almost puzzle-like structure.” – Blazing Minds

“Handsomely Shot” – The Dissolve

“As much about the decline of the American Dream as it is about a robbery, the film is incredibly well-crafted. It’s lensed so well that even the shots of Sam working in a machine shop have an artistic quality to them.” – Celveland Scene

“Tight Camerawork” – The Star

“‘7 Minutes’ knows exactly what it is…a calling card to the Quentin Tarantino school of blood-bath cinema. This film is a nasty piece of work.” – NY Times

“Crafted with the methodical finesse and sophisticated composition of someone who prays at the style altars of Derek Cianfrance and Cary Fukunaga…7 Minutes is a slick ride through a sexy cultural wasteland.” – Paste

“The sharply conceived visual style is another positive feature of the piece…7 Minutes goes beyond the conventional bank heist drama to provide a provocative and memorable visual experience.” – Flickering Myth

“7 MINUTES is a remarkable piece of work” – We Are Movie Geeks